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Northwood Church is a wonderful place! We are real people following Jesus. Simple has been the thought from the beginning. Simple message, uncomplicated structure and a daily focus on God making us more like Jesus. We have been around since 1998 and have a solid core of family, leadership and staff that all want to see the Love of Jesus and the power of God’s Spirit work in our lives.

Come as you are is the order of the day! God is way more concerned with our inside than our outside. We are T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops in the hot summer and want to make folks feel relaxed with a table to sit at, coffee or something cold.

We are very big on Bible study. Without the Word of God in our lives we are helpless. Life in Jesus last forever, but it begins here and now! Learning how to walk with Him and live in Him is our goal as a family and we would love to have you join us in that pursuit.

Sunday Worship: 5pm

Wednesday Small Groups: 6pm

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  1. Don & Linda Johnson says:

    We really love Northwood Church. It’s the people more than anything else. They genuinely love and care for each other, even tho’ they are so diverse. They come in different shapes, sizes, dress and backgrounds. Some are needy & some are financially stable. Some are unchurched, others are well educated in God’s Word. Some unemployed but looking for a job, others are financially stable. Bikers & businessmen. Housewives & students. Young & elderly 🙂 We think Northwood truly is: “An Island of Misfit Toys” all worshipping Jesus and living for Him. It’s the best fellowship of believers we’ve ever associated with. And one of the neatest things for us is: they meet at 5 PM on Sunday evenings. In Jesus, Don & Linda Johnson